Joker Strike Slot Review

The game’s reels are fun features, like the Joker Strike, which comes alive with every winning combination. Its simple but catchy gameplay makes it easy to play while providing a quality experience on your screens!

Why Play Joker Strike

Sometimes, you need to stop spinning and cross your fingers. If it’s not too much trouble with the reels of this slot machine because many other things are going on in front!

Spin the Reels and Win

Joker Strike is a game of chance where you try to get the best odds possible by betting wisely. You can play with 10 paylines from 10p per line up until a $100 maximum stake, so take advantage and bet boldly! If your bets aren’t going as planned or if someone else takes all of them before reaching 20 seconds on their clock (time limit), use “Bet Settings” in-between spins for adjustments that will increase/decrease the total amount wagered accordingly; this option also allows players who’ve lost everything but want one more turn at bat – like me personally.

This game has an outer wheel that releases prizes when you win. If the lucky star lands on more symbols, they’ll light up and release new payouts for players to collect! Wilds can also trigger Hi Roller features where 5 extra spins with extras such as moving vents or double chance wins are possible and who doesn’t love free stuff?

Joker Strike is one of the most popular games in Quickspin’s collection. It was just released for iOS and Android, so now you can play this fun slot machine online at home or on your phone!

Quickspin’s Joker Strike has a simple design reminiscent of the present-day fruit machines and features classic symbols such as clubs, hearts, spades or diamonds. These are low paying but will appear quite often to create winning combinations! High-value symbols include stars which pay 100 times your stake for landing five similar images on one line, while lucky 7’s offer a 30x payout if four are found together across multiple reels – these “lucky” pieces allow players with less conventional hand rankings to get involved in some serious gambling action too!. Most valuable is always that elusive joker card that can turn any pair into three matching berries, making them worth ten extra points.

Why Play Joker Strike

The Joker Strike Feature

Land a win any time and trigger this mind-blowing feature. The symbols in your winning combination are highlighted on the outer wheel, so you’ll know when to strike! You can also get more success with an already locked card if it’s Jokers Wild or one of those special wild cards like Ace High.

The Hi Roller Feature

In Joker Strike, the first in Quickspin’s portfolio to use this feature. You’re awarded five linked spins which present you with one of these options: A) Reel it Up and Spin For It! (Your choice). B ) Line up three same symbols next to each other on any payline for an additional bonus round worth 10 Free Spins*. C3 Wilds turn every single icon into a wild symbol that can substitute for all others during gameplay– making sure there are no guarantees when playing without spending anything at all.

  • $20 option – adds a joker wild to the reels, moving clockwise on each spin
  • $30 option – adds a joker wild on the reels with jokers appearing on the outer wheel
  • $50 option – the wild joker, moves around the reels with additional markers on the outer wheel, giving you a double chance to land a wild strike on each spin.

The Hi Roller feature is an opportunity to increase your earnings significantly. For instance, achieving 5-of-a-kind wild wins will pay you 20 times what stake was placed on the game – that’s 200% more! Other symbols also have their payout multipliers increased by two when played in normal mode and 100%, respectively; however, they’re even greater than this if playing with jokers which give out 500X returns instead (on top!).

Joker Strike is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot with great graphics and an exciting bonus round. There are plenty of ways to earn points that can be cashed in for free games or used against other players by betting them on the game’s cards; including wild symbols like Jokers!

  • The Hi Roller feature gives you an option to increase your chance of big wins
  • Simple gameplay but all fun with the Joker Strike feature and the Hi Roller option
  • The slot is such an option if you’re looking for some stripped-back action with a high volatility slot

Why Play Joker Strike

Joker Strike is a high-variance online slot game which means that the winnings will not occur often, but they’re going to come hard when they do. You’ll need excellent bankroll management skills if you want some serious cash from this machine!

The maximum possible win goes up to 1211 times your stake on each spin. But the Hi Roller feature will not maximize payouts, so keep that in mind if you’re playing with bigger stakes and hoping for a high payout! You should also know that chances of higher wins are greater when using regular deposit options than they are through this special option offered only within base game plays—the “Hiroller.”